Understanding Insurance claims

"Understanding Insurance claims refers to the process of a person to apply or get benefits provided by the insurance company regulated under ..."

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Understanding Insurance claims refers to the process of a person to apply or get benefits provided by the insurance company regulated under the insurance policy they have. Insurance claims must be filed before the money is given to the hospital, a car repair shop or other contracted services stipulated in the insurance policy.

It should be noted that insurance claims may be accepted or rejected by the insurance company. The insurance company must first assess the situation and study the claims before making a decision.
Conduct insurance claims

Before the insurance claim an individual who holds any kind of insurance policy should first keep the policy through regular payment of insurance premiums to the insurance company. Typically, these payments are used to settle insurance claims of others or used to further strengthen the assets of the insurance company. But when the damage is too great, policyholders can file an insurance claim so that he could receive money from the insurance company.
Definition of insurance claims, and how to make insurance claims

Insurance claims are usually submitted to the local representative of the insurance company person. Local agent or representative is responsible for investigating claims by looking at the details. The representative is also responsible for negotiating payments to policyholders of the insurance company.

The insurance company may also decide to send investigators to further investigate insurance claims. Investigators also called regulatory or appraiser. This is done to prevent fraud. so the discussion on the definition of insurance claimsThe Sign – The Sign Of The Attitude Of The Prospect. At the time of approach to the prospect, held generally in fact since the beginning been predictable if the prospect we had interest in the insurance or not. But as professional insurance agents keep the attitude are the main ones, though perhaps the prospect of menjukkan unpleasant attitude, however most do not have hospitality should be noteworthy.

Not infrequently, the attitude of rejection at the beginning can bear fruit sweetness that is the occurrence of a sale. It depends how we manage prospects, because of course the prospect takes time to get to know the dealer, learn about insurance products and insurance needs.

Broadly speaking, the sign – the sign of attitude against the prospect of an insurance agent can be grouped into three, namely: less, medium and fine. These categories can be applied to the attention, interest, desire and action.


The sign – the sign of a less attention:

The prospect of demonstrating that the attitude of the Dodge, not even friendly or sinister.
Do not want to receive telephone
The sign – the sign of attention are:

Willing to accept the arrival of agent
Willing to accept a phone but a passive response
Do not show facial expression on the rides
The sign – the sign of a good attention:

Receive the arrival agent with warm and cheerful facial expressions
Give the meal (food or drinks)
Shows an open mind towards an explanation or presentation agent.

The sign – the sign of interest less:

Reject when the insurance agent was about to explain the products, even if he does not receive a concentration on the explanation of the agent.
Passive and there is no response to the explanation of the product by the agent.
The sign – the sign of interest are:

Provide a response to the Agency's explanation but impressed berbasa stale.
The sign – the sign of a good interest:

When explaining the benefits of the product, the prospect shows facial expressions that mean – really.
The prospect of a curiosity with shows often ask questions about the product.
Shows a agreed, that the insurance product is the right solution. Usually the prospects nodded – anggukkan head.

The sign – the sign of a desire for less:

Saying "I don't berminay".
Says "more profit if the money deposited".
Says "for a while we have yet to consider buying insurance".
The sign – the sign of desire are:

Saying "I thinks – thinks it used to be".
Said "I talked about it with the husband/wife."
Says "if so, then I'll call you".
The sign – the sign of a good wishes:

Says "to these benefits, how much premium do I pay".
Says "If a claim, how do I take care of it".

The sign – the sign action less:

Clearly rejected and no response.
The sign – the sign of action are:

Says "I am interested in buying, but still I think it is the right time".
Show kenginan to buy insurance, but has yet to become a priority.
The sign – the sign of a good action:

Says "to my background as a product, what is right?".
Willing to fill out an application form and submit the IDENTITY CARD.
By recognizing some of the actions and attitude of the prospect as above, insurance agents are expected to face the right way. If this is done properly, it is not impossible if the dealer can change the response of prospects, the response is not good, the attitude of being open is not interested in becoming a wanted to buy.

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