"In our daily life, we have to work hard to save, build assets but ignore to seek protection what we own. Therefore, it is likely we will los..."

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In our daily life, we have to work hard to save, build assets but ignore to seek protection what we own. Therefore, it is likely we will lose more than gain. Have you known that in the developed countries in the world such as USA, Japan…? The rate of life insurance buyer is up to 90% of the national population! Why do people buy life insurance so much? Here are the reasons for you to find answers

1. Life insurance is not paid

Maybe you will be surprised when hearing it! Supposedly I deceived, enticed to offer insurance. Why do you not waste money to buy insurance? There is nothing which is good but free, except life insurance. Since when has steadily accumulated enough money, you will receive the maturity value.

That is the entire amount you’ve contributed to your return, you can also get more security cumulative income and dividends. Maturity value will be greater than the amount you have contributed. Obviously, you do not lose money but receive dividends and free insured. Life insurance is not purchased, you have to say participants.

2. Life insurance worries no inflation

Many people do not want to participate in life insurance because they believe a life insurance contract to face value of hundreds of millions, even billions until receive maturity. If it is converted into gold, rice, meat … shortly “converted into paddy” is no longer worth much because the currency lost value in comparison with the time to participate. They say, the same money, if buying gold, dollars or just sending to the bank is more profitable. Maybe you’re nodding in agreement?

For example: You join in the insurance policy for 20 years, every year pays 12 million/ year, the total amount to be contributed by the 20-year was 240 million. Have you put 240 million for the insurance company to sign a contract? Oh no! It is annually paid only 12 million and paid steadily for 20 years. So if inflation is only within the amount paid to the right but there is no influence in later paid portion. Besides, the insurance company gives you annual profit division which will offset a portion of the inflation, devaluation

In fact, the only life insurance is not inflation. All goods will tend to raise prices several times during the year but your insurance premiums you paid from the first year to last year is not changed. Moreover, you do not just worry about inflation, devaluation because that’s what was happening. Life with sliding ones, the loss was more worried such as: slide of health, loss of family income … At that time, life insurance will give you a huge amount, including new entrants in a short time and the contributed amount is very little compared to what you or your family received.

3. Buying life insurance because there is not much money

Many people believe whenever having much money, you should buy life insurance. A lot of customers give this reasons to refuse insurance plan that was proposed by a consultant. Moreover, they worry that this year participate, a few years later you have no money then?

One important reason for the introduction of insurance is to make more money through saving features, having discipline from a very small part of income each month. Let imagine together, if your child would like the fee, your parents need money to take care, the doctor told us to spend money to get health care, treatment of illness … we answer there is “no money”, isn’t it?

4. Life insurance participation or bank savings?

Everyone would like to have a bank deposit to earn interest. The bank is launched to be the great pleasure for those who have money but unused. However, whether money in the bank is really safe or not? Should send all our money into banks?

You just assured that if your money is deposited in banks, it will not be taken away at all. However, there is a thief that banks never catch him, although he took your money immediately daylight face. Who is that thief, it’s you! Why? You can draw your deposit whenever you want. Therefore, you will be tempted on a spending plan. Do you intend to send money in the bank for 5 years, 10 years to repair their homes, send children to school, more comfort retirement or other long-term purposes. But maybe you’ll get to buy a new motorbike while your motorcycle is still in good or you buy your car that your family needs it … Reminder that this is the risk of tempting consumers.

I have no idea to advice you do not send money to the bank. You just do what you did because banks are very good. It is better if you need to rebalance. You need to consider what the spending purpose or financial purposes to participate life insurance. In my opinion, if you want to have money to enjoy retirement comfortably, for your children’s college, health care and replace lost income …, only life insurance can help you to achieve your wishes.

5. A new saving method


This is a recipe for you to take the initiative entirely to the amount that you will save because you save first and then spend later. Just retain between 10% -20% of your income every month only. After 10 years, 15 years … as long as possible, I believe that you will have a fairly large amount compared to your income.

6. Ensure the comfortably retirement life

You have participated in social insurance for old age pension? If not, what should you do when you become older with poor? However, you also need to consider whether the pension can assure you of a comfortable life in old age, or not?

7. Insurance for business and investment

Someone said everyone is a goose that lays golden eggs. Therefore, you should focus on protecting the goose or golden eggs? And there is man, there is still money, the healthful goose will continue to lay eggs.

In fact, there are many rejections to participate insurance counselor that they invest in the bank, gold, real estate, shares, foreign currency … do not want to participate in life insurance. How about you?

What are you interested in much more? Investment property or investors? Just choose one because we are doing comparisons. Who can give you money to invest? Surely it is you! Thus, if there is no prophylactic against unforeseen circumstances such as hospitalization, disability…, your investment property will be reduced, lost for the cost of health care for themselves or their relatives. In the worst case, your income goes away, where will you reinvest from?

8. There is a perfect love

To show your full love, you should buy life insurance for your lover/ your wife….Someone joked that “Buy insurance, later she brought money for another?” Do you think so? Can you think, in such situations without money to back the wife may live alone long? If she was single and young, certainly in the short time she had to find another. And if she had a clever child, she will need their support.

When someone accidentally go away forever, there is much money to leave his wife and children. I believe that they will remember their husband, the father with full of love and responsibility always wants to accompany with their families. As a result, life insurance will help you to have a perfect relationship.

9. Join the community

When participating in life insurance, you have to contribute to a reserve fund, to support overall risk.

If you’re at risk, you will receive a share. You are luckier than others, you will share them. When the life insurance contract matures, you get back all the money that has paid annually as well as cumulative dividends. Life insurance operates based on the principle of risk-sharing, taking the majority make up for the few. That we call sharing risks between insured. Therefore, taking life insurance is involved building a human community

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